About Us

CellReception was born in 2003 as an offshoot from 2machines, our news and reviews site. In our quest to help our visitors choose the right phone, we ran into one fundamental problem: how do you find the best carrier in your area?

Unfortunately, providers don't tell you. And signing up and canceling is a hassle. In fact, it seemed the only way was to ask your neighbors. So we thought: why not let your neighbors leave comments for you? And that's how CellReception.com was born.

Now, tens of millions of educated visitors later, we're still focused on the same goal we set out to solve nearly 10 years ago: to help you find the best coverage in your neighborhood.

In the News

We are regularly recognized as an authority in the tech and mobile industry. For press inquiries or questions, please contact us. Here are some select mentions:

That's a Nice Phone, But How's the Network?

Jul 01, 2010

New York Times "... You need to think about only two things in choosing a carrier: the speed of its network and its reliability. That sounds deceptively simple..."

"... Another site, Mobiledia, tells you where nearby cell towers are. The low-tech approach might be as useful..."

Analyze This: Your Cell Phone Bill

Feb 14, 2010

Chicago Tribune "... Chances are you're wasting gobs of money on wireless phone service because you chose the wrong plan..."

"... Also, consider call quality in your area. Cheaper is not better if you don't have a wireless signal. Sites such as Mobiledia (cellreception.com ) can help determine whether you'll have good coverage..."

In Choosing a New Phone, Online Research Goes Only So Far

Oct 07, 2009

New York Times "... Buying a new cellphone is about as much fun as buying a used car. Had my friend read a couple of online reviews of the Tour, he might have chosen more carefully..."

"... If he had another shot, I'd suggest he start by spending five minutes on sites like CellReception.com to check the coverage of the major carriers in his area..."

Study Guide: How to Save Money on the First Year of College

Aug 24, 2009

Wall Street Journal "... Many students arrive at school with a phone they've had for years. It's often most economical to stay on the existing family plan or to opt for a prepaid plan. One warning: Don't leave home without finding out whether there's good reception in the area..."

"... The colleges could let you know. Cellreception.com is also a potential source..."

What to Do About Bad IPhone 3GS Reception

Jul 26, 2009

San Francisco Chronicle "... I'd return the phone and go shopping at another carrier that has good coverage where you live...'

"... All the big carriers disclose coverage areas on their Web sites. And for an unbiased opinion, go to cellreception.com..."

Switching Networks for an IPhone

Apr 01, 2009

Wall Street Journal "... I have always advised that nobody should get any phone unless it is on a network that they are sure works to their satisfaction in the areas where they will use it..."

"... So, my advice is to ask friends around Boston who have iPhones or other AT&T 3G devices how they feel about the network. You might also enter your ZIP Code at some Web sites that track overall carrier coverage and dead zones, like cellreception.com..."

For Prepaid Customers, Phones That Won't Give You Away Anymore

Feb 26, 2009

New York Times "... Prepaid cellphones have long been an outlet for those without the money or credit rating to get a contract with one of the major mobile carriers..."

"... Since Boost uses Sprint's network, you would be wise to check with your friends, relatives and Web sites like CellReception.com to see how well the company covers your area..."

The Web Brings Together Cellphone Users Searching for Signals

Jan 14, 2009

New York Times "... CellReception is an offshoot of Mobiledia.com, a widely read mobile-industry blog..."

"... The site's president, Allen Tsai, said it held more than 45,000 comments, mostly written by Mobiledia readers..."

Planning a Road Trip? Prepare for Cellphone Outages

Feb 18, 2008

Los Angeles Times "... We must also come to terms with the fact that our cellphones aren't as reliable outside the city. Luckily, we can plan for these things..."

"... Websites such as Mobiledia's CellReception.com allow users to type in their locations and get a map or a list of past issues with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon in that area..."

Computing Q&A

Feb 18, 2008

San Francisco Chronicle "What's the best way to find out which cell phone models have the best reception?..."

"... What you can do is go to the Mobiledia Web site (cellreception.com) and check how well or badly the big wireless carriers cover your area. The Web site lets you search for nearby cellular towers, and it has a database of user comments about coverage from people in your ZIP code..."

The Everything Guide to Belt-Tightening

Feb 04, 2008

New York Magazine "... AT&T Coverage Quality: Spotty all over, especially in lower Manhattan. Verizon: By all accounts, the city's most reliable carrier. T-Mobile: Coverage gaps all over, from Harlem to Battery Park. Sprint: Few complaints, but occasional breaks in service way uptown..."

"... As found on cellreception.com..."

Staying Connected via Cellphone (and Cellphone Bill)

Jun 21, 2007

New York Times "For a second opinion, I phoned the lead analyst for mobile phones at PC Magazine..."

"... He looked at cellphone coverage maps - available online at sites like Cellreception.com - before warning me that switching to a Vermont carrier for prepaid minutes would be prohibitively expensive."

What Is Web 2.0?

May 15, 2007

CBS News "... Ask a dozen tech pundits to describe Web 2.0 and you're likely to get two dozen explanations as to what it is. Apart from the concept itself, some specific Web 2.0 technologies are also important to understand..."

"... Mashups: Websites or applications that combine content from one or more sources. For example, Cellreception.com combines Google Maps with a database of 124,000 cell phone tower locations to help users determine where mobile coverage is strong -- and where it isn't. ..."

Money-Saving Tips

Feb 22, 2007

CNN "Correspondents will tell you how to fight back if you think you're being mistreated as a customer. Here are some tips that could save you money and aggravation..."

"... Consumers generally have little idea how reliable their cell phone service will be when they buy a phone and sign a contract. The best information comes from word of mouth or from Web sites such as CellReception.com."

Beyond Tuition

Jul 27, 2006

Kiplinger's "The Zogby study reports that 89% of college students have cell phones. One dad complained that the most shocking cost he encountered was 'that darned cell-phone bill.'..."

"... Check sites such as Cellreception.com to make sure that there's good service on campus; some carriers entice students with special discounts or enhanced service..."

Which Cell Phone Is Best for You?

Jun 11, 2006

Parade Magazine "To figure out which companies offer service you can use, start by checking the coverage maps..."

"... Get an independent analysis of coverage from a site like cellreception.com (a searchable database of cell-phone tower locations and consumer reports)..."

Computing Q&A: Tip of the Week

May 15, 2006

San Francisco Chronicle "Before you lock yourself into a cell phone contract, make sure there's good reception in your area..."

"... You also can check out Mobiledia Corp.'s Web site (cellreception.com), which keeps track of cell site deployments and features comments from users around the country..."

Switching Wireless Carriers

Mar 30, 2006

Washington Post "If you're thinking about switching carriers, I recommend that you do the following..."

"... Check the new carrier's coverage. Wireless service providers include coverage maps on their sites, which you can search by zip code. Independent Web sites, such as Mobiledia, can provide even more information..."

Cell Phone Service, How to Choose

Jan 01, 2006

Consumer Reports "At Consumer Reports, editors say that users in metropolitan areas should go with the cell-phone plan that gets the highest rating. Since Verizon and T-Mobile both rank highly in most regions, your best bet is to ask around -- find out how happy friends and neighbors are with their cell-phone service..."

"... Web sites like CellReception.com can give you a good idea what you can expect in your specific area. This Web site is a great source for identifying service 'dead spots...'"

A Cellphone and a Plan for Just About Any Situation

Dec 29, 2005

New York Times "A few times I thought I had found a nearly perfect phone and a tolerable service plan, but they used incompatible wireless technologies. So start by choosing a carrier, because no phone is useful if it does not get good reception where you need it..."

"... A good resource for all carriers is cellreception.com, where you get access to a map of local cellphone towers and reports from your neighbors about the reception they get..."

Where in the World Is...

Dec 19, 2005

Wall Street Journal "Individual programmers have been the first to seize on the technology and turn mundane lists into such interactive maps. But some larger businesses are starting to use mashups as a way to gain exposure and boost traffic to their sites..."

"... CellReception.com brings up a Google map of nearby cellular towers when you enter a city name or ZIP Code. Also provides comments about coverage and signal strength in nearby areas for multiple carriers..."

Era of the Mash-Ups Newest Web Sites Among Net's Hottest Phenomena

Nov 14, 2005

San Francisco Chronicle "Take a pinch of Yahoo or Google. Then stir in some census data, photographs or crime statistics. What you get is a 'mash-up.' Among the Internet's hottest phenomena, these Web sites combine ingredients from different online sources to create intriguing hybrids..."

"... A mix of mash-ups - www.cellreception.com (cell phone towers + maps)..."

A Journey to a Thousand Maps Begins With an Open Code

Oct 20, 2005

New York Times "Using a Google map as a base, programmers can create interactive charts with information like U.F.O. sightings, cheap gas locations, census findings, restaurant reviews or subway directions..."

"... Related Google Maps Mash-Ups - Cell Phone Reception..."