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Phoenix, AZ Carrier Reviews & Coverage Maps

1. T-Mobile 2.4 star rating (2.4 stars | 63 Reviews)
2. Verizon 2 star rating (2 stars | 84 Reviews)
3. AT&T 1.6 star rating (1.6 stars | 72 Reviews)
4. Sprint 1.4 star rating (1.4 stars | 79 Reviews)

Total Coverage 1.9 star rating (1.9 stars | 343 Reviews)
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2 Out of 5 (2 stars) | Indian School | Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85012 |

It seems the phones are getting smarter but the phone service is getting worse. I have noticed many more dropped calls or muted calls over the past year. When I go north on central between Bethany Home and Dunlap I experience dropped calls regularly. When I head east on Osborne between 7th st and 12 st I experience muted calls. I can hear the other party asking if I an there and then they hang up. Frustrating!

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0 Out of 5 (0 stars) | Sonotan Foothills | Dove Valley Rd.& 19th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85085 |

Verizon cell coverage in this neighborhood was great when we first moved in 4 years ago. The last year it has sucked beyond belief. The only support Verizon will supply is to send a network extender that you have to hook up to your Wi-Fi to create a baby cell tower in your house. Very lame! As soon as our contract is up we will be finding a new cell phone carrier

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0 Out of 5 (0 stars) | 20th St. | Camelback, Phoenix, AZ 85016 |

I AM HAVING THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE! DOES ANYONE KNOW A GOOD LAWYER? My contract / lease was up with Sprint 2 months ago, and they have messed up my account so badly, I can’t get my phone unlocked to move to another carrier! In August, someone hacked into my online Sprint account and purchased 2 iPhones and 2 iPads. I called to report this to Sprint, and after several minutes on hold with customer service, a transfer to their fraud department, and another 45 minutes on hold, I filed a fraud case. I called a month later to follow up, and they hadn’t even opened the case! A month later, I was getting notices they were going to send me to collections because of the astronomical balance on my account. I called again, and again, and again. Every time I called the fraud department, I was put on hold for 45 minutes to an hour 15 minutes before anyone would even answer the phone! I finally talked to the supervisor Mindy a couple weeks ago, and she was able to expedite the credit. However, two weeks later, Sprint Customer Service is telling me I have to purchase my phone in the store to keep it (I can’t do it online or over the phone), so I have spent 3 hours in 2 different Sprint stores trying to pay $200 to purchase my phone, only to be told my account is frozen by the fraud department and they cannot process my payment. After a couple more hours on hold, I talked to Mindy again, and her boss Greg, the Fraud Manager, only to be told that they don’t have any holds on my phone. I went to Verizon to see if they could just transfer my service to them, but Sprint has my phone locked to their cell towers! After another hour on hold with Sprint, I finally talked to the correct department (Retention) to unlock my phone so I can transfer service, but they won’t do it until it is paid off! I AM IN THIS VICIOUS CYCLE AND NOONE IS TRYING TO FIX IT! I have talked to managers of all these departments and at the two stores I visited, and everyone is pointing fingers at other departments! At this point, my billing cycle ends today so I think they may be doing it on purpose to try to trap me into keeping their service for another month!

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | Phoenix , Phoenix, AZ 85033 |

Sprint is probably the worst. I have no reception at my job and I only have it at home due to my wifi. They automatically take money out of your account to pay a bill without permission and without being on auto direct pay when question about it they try to blame you and they eventually will rugund the money back but it takes 72 hours so if you needed your money or didn't have the amount in your bank you are still left with overdraft fees or with bo money. Speaking to there supervisor afterwards only makes you angrier due to they are there to protect them selves they speak over you and then when they are done talking they hang up on you

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | Carefree Hwy. | 16th St., Phoenix, AZ 85086 |

Terrible signal, dropped calls ON ALMOST ALL CALLS and calls that connect but the other party can't hear me at all.. Texts don't go through. Verizon has gone WAY downhill here in the past year. Booster won't help, since it works off wi-fi and that's terrible, too--7mb speed through CenturyLink, but we're lucky to actually get half that. We are moving carriers. Phoenix is the 5th largest city in the U.S. and you'd think we were in some developing country with the service quality we get for cell and internet.

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0 Out of 5 (0 stars) | East Priness Dr. | Scottsdale Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85054 |

I paid $250 for an extender to boost signal but you need a signal before it can be boosted. No bars now earlier 3 bars.

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | 6022 N 32nd Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85017 |

sprint sucks metro was better so was t mobile and Verizon I only went with Sprint because I got a good deal on iphone 7 but o well

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2 Out of 5 (2 stars) | Home | Chandler Blvd.And 13th St., Phoenix, AZ 85048 |

Unable to get service in some rooms of the house and when a call is made the connection is poor person called says it sounds like I am under water. Very unhappy as I use my phone for work and can't make calls in my home office.

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | Indian School | 24th St., Phoenix, AZ 85016 |

T-Mobile has horrible coverage and uses frequencies which are useless in buildings. In fact the T-Mobile store in the Camelback Collonade told me they have too many users in the area for their network. T-Mobile is supposed to use some new antennas in the are but that has not happened yet. Even with 2 -3 bars of signal I will fail to send / receive texts and get zero internet usage. My home is even worse. Now they claim it is my phone and I need to replace it. Course I bought it from them 90 days ago so they wont do anything about it even though I reported the problems literally within 3 days of getting the phone. T-Mobile is horrible in proper central and downtown Phoenix. I'll go back to Verizon, and considering Verizon may be run by a Sith Lord, that's saying something.

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | 13850 N 19th Ave. | 19th and Thunderbird, Phoenix, AZ 85023 |

Can hardly ever download apps. Calls drop all the time.

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