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Ontario, CA Carrier Reviews & Coverage Maps

1. Verizon 3.3 star rating (3.3 stars | 3 Reviews)
2. T-Mobile 1 star rating (1 stars | 1 Reviews)
3. AT&T 0.7 star rating (0.7 stars | 3 Reviews)
4. Sprint 0 star rating (0 stars | 4 Reviews)

Total Coverage 1.3 star rating (1.3 stars | 12 Reviews)
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0 Out of 5 (0 stars) | South Ontario Area, Ontario, CA 91761 |

Sprint sucks in this area! Drops calls, late texts, no data - very very slow if it does connect. Good thing I don't live here.

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | Archibald Off the 60 Freeway | Philadelphia, Ontario, CA 91762 |

I have the note 3 and its just an expensive paper weight when I go to work. One bar, not internet. I tried calling Verizon but they have no clue. I've asked around and it seems its common for Verizon users around that area. UNACCEPTABLE

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | Riverside Dr. and Haven, Ontario, CA 91762 |

I am supposed to have high speed internet on my plan with T-MOBILE, EVERY OTHER 2 MINUTES THE SERVICE DROPS COMPLETELY WITH PHONE AND INTERNET EVEN AS I TYPE THIS! Why the HELL! I HAVE HAD IT! Its been going on for the last 3 YEARS!

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0 Out of 5 (0 stars) | Grove and Riverside | Euclid and Walnut, Ontario, CA 91761 |

lots of dropped calls cannot rely on Sprint Service. South Ontario area and Chino area almost no service bars. Lose calls all over CA southland. first chance I get, going back to Verizon!

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0 Out of 5 (0 stars) | Milliken and Jurupa | Milliken and Jurupa Baseline and Heritage Cir, Ontario, CA 91761 |

BAD BAD BAD. Reception is horrible at both our business, Ontario, and home, Fontana. We get our clients messages, not calls maybe up to 2 days later..how wrong is that! Our drivers can not get in touch with the office because their radio's and dispatch's radio can not connect. Emails can take 2 days too to come thru. We were told they were updating their cell sites, but then said we needed an Airave to boost the power signal, and we needed to pay for it..WRONG! Why should we pay for your lack of service?... still no help..now after several months of hassles maybe it is the phone that we gave you(Samsung Galaxy SII)you think maybe, but this isn't going to help my drivers? Well SPRINT is now holding us hostage because we are not paying for full monthly service when we are not getting even half service so I get no new phone and we are dealing with HORRIBLE SERVICE... Does anyone else know of a good carrier for walkie-talkie's and in this area?

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0 Out of 5 (0 stars) | Euclid | H, Ontario, CA 91764 |

I keep getting no service from my neighborhoodof euclid ad G st and also outside ontario mills. Wtf is going on... but when I go to the rich areas of upland its full bars... .yah nice Preference sprint. Add a tower in south ontario and Chino... .Youre calls drop and texts received late... .THIS SERVICE sucks! Wasnt like this before June 2011..something or someone really screwed everything up. SO FIX IT!!

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Virgin Mobile

2 Out of 5 (2 stars) | UPS By Ontario Airport | Haven and Jurupa, Ontario, CA 91761 |

I Just recently switched to virgin mobile because I thought it was going to be better than metropcs (samsung code). So far I do experience an occasional drop call while calling from inside the building, but no more or less than I had with ATT, Metropcs and now Virginmobile. Out of all three carriers I have had the biggest success texting with virginmobile, every text gets sent! ATT and Metro had the frequent resend dialog pop up. But the biggest failure so far in data is Virgin mobile. Both metro and AT&T had bad data in the building but I would still be able to get it in certain areas and slow, but with virgin, I have 4 bars at times and no 3g or 1x data! nothing. just regular calling and text. 1 minute I would have 3g and the next it would dissapear for hours. Big Dissapointment.

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0 Out of 5 (0 stars) | Campus and Philadelphia, Ontario, CA 91761 |

AT&T reception in my house is a joke, there are a few spots where I'll literally have 5 bars that will drop to one over a distance of inches. When sitting at my desk at home I must use my right hand to speak on the phone, if I switch to my left voice quality deteriorates, friends can't hear me, and often times the call is dropped. My brother's Verizon phone however is perfect 'everywhere'. All this despite the new tower they allegedly erected just a few hundred yards from my house. A joke I tell you.

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | Anywhere, Ontario, CA 91761 |

Horrible reception for years. Most calls are dropped, it's pathetic. We are finally switching to Verizon next month when our contract is up.

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | Mission | Ramona, Ontario, CA 91762 |

i had the phone for a while and it had the worst reception ever I would get from 75 to 90% of my calls dropped!i do not reccomend getting Cingular if u live around this area

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