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Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 Carrier Reviews & Coverage Maps

1. Verizon 2 star rating (2 stars | 34 Reviews)
2. AT&T 1.8 star rating (1.8 stars | 62 Reviews)
3. Sprint 1.5 star rating (1.5 stars | 46 Reviews)
4. T-Mobile 1.3 star rating (1.3 stars | 48 Reviews)

Total Coverage 1.7 star rating (1.7 stars | 220 Reviews)
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2 Out of 5 (2 stars) | Ft Lauderdale | 441 and Oakland Pk Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 |

For all of the IPhone users who are trying to use T-Mobile as a carrier and are getting constant dropped calls... .. T-Mobile is a WiFi system versus AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon which is a femtocell system. The following article in the New York Times June 2013 may explain a lot : "T-Mobile offers a different solution, called Wi-Fi Calling. Available in the United States and overseas, it allows customers to make calls using an available Wi-Fi network. To do so, you need a Wi-Fi Calling-capable phone. Those include models using the Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 8 operating systems, but Appleā€™s iPhone will not work with it. "

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | Sunrise and NE 15th, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 |

I can only get one bar in the house off E Sunrise and have to go outside to make a call. I have had Verizon for 15 years in OR and WA and always got 3-5 bars, even in rural areas. Coverage in FLL is very poor. I also think that the heavy block construction on buildings cuts down on reception.

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2 Out of 5 (2 stars) | Coconut Creek, Pompano Beach, FL 33073 |

Always have reception for calls. iMessage works most of the time. Data is by far the worst of all 3 carriers. Cant View / Upload images ever. I guess you get what you paid for. How much is unlimited data if you cant send or receive any?

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0 Out of 5 (0 stars) | Sunrise | Andrews, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 |

Have had for about 4 years and reception has gone from poor to no reception much of the time. I've never had data in my house and poor voice and text. Of late, calls often take 6 to 10 tries to reach me. Text messages often fail and will be hours or days late being recieved. 3G data is weak all around town and non existing in my home. 4G was supposed to be here years ago. Once in a great while I find it, but never at home. ATT gave me much better voice and data at home. I could watch UTube etc., but not with Sprint. I switched to go unlimited and to get the htc evo. Since I updated to the Samsung s2... (love it). What a mistake switching was. I intend to switch now. I'm trying to find out who will be best for me. Sprint was the worst consumer choice I made in a long time. I've tried talking to them to improve my situation, but they only offered tosell me their box to piggyback my voice over my wifi. No thanks! I pay almost $200 a month and am routing most data over wifi, my voice at home often over wifi as well. Such a deal! Dont make the mistake I made!

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4 Out of 5 (4 stars) | University and Commercial | Davie, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33321 |

Had mobile for about 6 months after returning to USA, it sucks, and they don't care. I since switched to AT& T, my reception is great, so is my wife. Great customer relationship, they really try to resolve any problems.to the point I want to get them off the phone. (Not bad) My only concern is that it comes with a hefty price

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2 Out of 5 (2 stars) | N Pine Island Rd.& NW 44th St, Sunrise, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33351 |

I have Boost (Sprint) and reception in this area is like most of the other carriers: SUCKS. In most other areas I have no problem. It is neither better or worse than Verizon, my last carrier, but it is less expensive and gives me decent communications.

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0 Out of 5 (0 stars) | 511 SE 5th Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 |

I have been with Sprint for 10 years! I have a signal booster in my condo and I am missing phone calls / texts / VM. For my job I am on call in the medical field. It is a sure fire way to get fired when unable to be contacted. I have had to reset the airwave(signal booster) about 1 a week now. SPRINT IS AWFUL! I have talked to management and they WILL NOT work with you. You have to buy out of your contract they don't care if you have been a long standing customer doesn't mean ***t to them. Absolutely STAY AWAY FROM SPRINT! Best advice I can give.

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3 Out of 5 (3 stars) | Royal Palm Blvd. | Rock Island Rd., Pompano Beach, FL 33063 |

I get good 3G coverage, but still no 4G after being promised 4G coverage more than a year ago. Surrounding Coral Springs and Tamarac have coverage, but not Margate.

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | 4th Ave. | SR 84, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315 |

Calls are not such a problem. The major thing is data. IT IS TERRRIIIBBBBBLLLLEEEEE! I can't even believe it. Sprint should be paying ME for accepting such atrocious data speed. It seems as if it's getting worse each month. I think there are just too many people on the network. It's time for network expansion / improvement on sprint's part. If not, then I think the market will end up shifting the load to other carriers as a result of unsatisfied customers who are spreading the word.

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | Oakland Park Blvd. | 6th Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334 |

have Boost / Sprints for over 3yrs, last 7 / 8 months reception became horrible, most of the time no signal inside, only 1 / 2 bar outside, and still have problems, making calls, customer service not longer exiting.

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