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El Paso, TX 79906 Carrier Reviews & Coverage Maps

1. Verizon 3.6 star rating (3.6 stars | 30 Reviews)
2. AT&T 2.6 star rating (2.6 stars | 41 Reviews)
3. T-Mobile 2.1 star rating (2.1 stars | 38 Reviews)
4. Sprint 1.5 star rating (1.5 stars | 33 Reviews)

Total Coverage 2.4 star rating (2.4 stars | 152 Reviews)
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3 Out of 5 (3 stars) | Resler | Mesa, El Paso, TX 79912 |

Reception is good but the customer service is full of you know what! I hate T-Mobile and I'm switching to someone else.

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5 Out of 5 (5 stars) | 429 Dolan, El Paso, TX 79905 |

great! 5 bars everywhere literally not kiding but of course inside lowes or home depot or the very bottom floor of a 3 story mall it will go down to like 4 or 3 but usually rarely

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | N. Mesa | N. Festival, El Paso, TX 79912 |

Terrible. Never was great but has gotten progressively worse. Dropped calls too numerous to count.

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | Delta | Encino, El Paso, TX 79905 |

A lot of dropped calls, sometimes with out any signal :( t-mobile sucks

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | UTEP, El Paso, TX 79968 |

I've had Sprint for 5 years and I have been frustrated with it for 5 years. I get dropped calls, poor or no reception while other people are comfortably talking on their cell phones, and sometimes I have to call a number twice because the first time around it doesn't ring (but apparently the person I'm calling still gets a call--so that I'll hang up on someone saying "hello?" because I don't hear a thing). Anyways, I don't like Sprint, it's exprensive, and customer service sucks big-time (it's like they hire gorillas with a frontal lobotomy to talk to you for 30 seconds before they put you on hold again for another 10 minutes. Oh yeah, and sometimes they ask you to call on your cell phone so those minutes are subtracted from your monthly plan). Try at your own risk.

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | South of the Freeway, El Paso, TX 79925 |

I had Cingular for over a year and in El Paso, it just flat out sucks. The phone roams over to Mexico carriers and you get charged with the roaming charges. I asked Cingular to take roaming off my phone(s) and they said it couldn't be done. So I was charged around $10 more each month just because I wanted to answer my phone calls.

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | Portsmouth | Sunset, El Paso, TX 79922 |

With Sprint, at home, I get either 0 or 1 bar; about half the time, no service at home. Also, no service in the hospital at 1625 Medical Center in central El Paso 79902. Mostly decent service elsewhere on the westside, except frequently calls diverted to phone mail even when phone is on, what's that? I am definitely looking for a better mobile service.

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | I-10 East / Giles Rd., El Paso, TX 79915 |

I have had Cingular for over a year now, and I hate their reception. I get a lot of dropped calls, my service jumps back and forth from Juarez cell phone providers (Telcel, Movistar and a weird 334-03) so I cant make / receive calls, and if I do I am roaming. I am sick and tired of this, and all of what Cingular tells me is that there is nothing they can do about it. I pay a good amount of money for my plan (which sucks since I rarely have service). If you keep encountering problems with whoever you have service, file a complaint with the FCC. I just filed mine, I mean you have to do whatever it is so you can get your moneys worth, and if they dont listen someone will. I am curious about trying Ampd or Helio does anyone know anything about their service? Thanks

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5 Out of 5 (5 stars) | I10-West, El Paso, TX 79930 |

I have no problems so ever with my phone I still have my PUERTO RICO area code and I have no kind of problems. Perfect reception! I am really proud of my services.

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3 Out of 5 (3 stars) | Dyer | Quail, El Paso, TX 79924 |

Reception seems to go up and down. I lose a fair amount of calls, maybe 30%? I can watch the antenna display go up and down. This is the only area I have had this problem.

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