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El Paso, TX 79936 Carrier Reviews & Coverage Maps

1. Verizon 4.4 star rating (4.4 stars | 9 Reviews)
2. Sprint 2.2 star rating (2.2 stars | 12 Reviews)
3. T-Mobile 2.1 star rating (2.1 stars | 14 Reviews)
4. AT&T 1.8 star rating (1.8 stars | 12 Reviews)

Total Coverage 2.4 star rating (2.4 stars | 50 Reviews)
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0 Out of 5 (0 stars) | Amber Morgan | Kindling Ct., El Paso, TX 79936 |

never works here some say due to border patrol towers adds up to property value loss Sprint could do better they take your money and dont really care

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3 Out of 5 (3 stars) | Viscount, El Paso, TX 79925 |

well hopefully my siganl and speed will be faster in october., becuase LTE will be coming in october 2012 cant wait

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | Eastside | Bliss, El Paso, TX 79936 |

I spent over 450 dollars to drop my service with T-Mobile, it was worth every penny. I still had 18 months left on a contract with 2 phones and couldn't stand this service. Calls dropped all the time; no matter where I was or if I was inside or outside. I had 4G on both and the only way to get that to work was to be outside. Standing out in the elements with a cell phone and a computer tethered to it was not a fun thing to do, especially in rain. Even outside the 4G service I was paying a premium price for, was spotty at best. It constantly switched from 4G, 3G all the down to no G. Oh, by the way, don't even try to get T-Mobile to work on FT Bliss or White Sands. I originally got the phone in Dallas so that I had a phone. Traveled to Kileen and the only way to get it to make calls was to stop, get out of the car and then make a call. 4G wasn't even something the phone would receive. Drove from Kileen to El Paso and the only thing the phone was good for was a camera and videos. I changed the phone out to a different model when I got to El Paso and kept it 5 days. I swapped it again to a different model, got the same results. T-Mobile sucks and all I see them as are modern day pirates and pan handlers. They sell something they know is crap but still want your money.

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2 Out of 5 (2 stars) | Sgt.major Blvd., El Paso, TX 79916 |

dropped calls, roaming, interception, and constant loss of service or better yet full bars but cant send text or make calls or rarely get on the internet

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3 Out of 5 (3 stars) | Edgemere, El Paso, TX 79935 |

I recently moved from Colorado Springs and had no 4G coverage. I now live in El Paso and there is still no 4G coverage. WTF! I have been paying for 4g for years and it is pissing me off.

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5 Out of 5 (5 stars) | Lee Trevino | North Loop, El Paso, TX 79907 |

att has been great in all the area I am throughout my day great 3g covereage great signal reception and call quality customer service is amazing and always helpful.

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2 Out of 5 (2 stars) | Montana | Airway, El Paso, TX 79925 |

Up until about a month ago, I was getting good 3G speeds. Now I rarely get more than 1mbps and alot of connection issues. Anyone else in El Paso experiencing T-Mobile signal issues?

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | Hawkins | HW Burges, El Paso, TX 79925 |

I have had ATT for at least 4-5 years and I have UVerse and the Wireless plans. The wireless is awful, I have to call from my home at least 2-3 times before the call goes through. Att's answer was to get a land like and charge me $55. The also suggested a Cell phone booster that cost $100 and said I would get a $50 rebate, which I did not. I am trying to find a wireless service that will work both in EP and Ruidoso.

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0 Out of 5 (0 stars) | Fort Bliss Tx, El Paso, TX 79916 |

they dont have any metro PCS store in el paso tx thats sucks, its the best company for long distance call

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | Don Haskins | Rojas, El Paso, TX 79936 |

AT&T service in this area is flat out inadequate. Dropped calls are the norm for me. I end up having to call AT&T constantly to remove "roaming" charges from the Mexican Movistar service which constantly hits my phone. I've been with AT&T for years but am switching. On a scale of 1-to-10 in call continuity and reception, the best I can get on AT&T at any given time is a 3. The norm is more a "1" and I have to keep moving around my house to hear my calls.

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