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Lakewood, CA 90715 Carrier Reviews & Coverage Maps

1. Verizon 2.1 star rating (2.1 stars | 85 Reviews)
2. T-Mobile 1.8 star rating (1.8 stars | 80 Reviews)
3. Sprint 1.6 star rating (1.6 stars | 68 Reviews)
4. AT&T 1.3 star rating (1.3 stars | 103 Reviews)

Total Coverage 1.7 star rating (1.7 stars | 367 Reviews)
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0 Out of 5 (0 stars) | Willow | Studebaker, Long Beach, CA 90815 |

The lure of the T-Mobile "carry forward" unused minutes plan was the cause for this purchase. T-Mobile has not been able to awaken this phone which receives no signal in or around my house and only starts becoming functional at the intersection of Studebaker and Stearns. It will be reassigned to its well deserved paper weight position regardless of the 1,350 unused minutes on its clock. No reflection on Nokia which makes good hardware.

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4 Out of 5 (4 stars) | Willow | Studebaker, Long Beach, CA 90815 |

I live at the intersection of Willow and Studebaker in Long Beach which is a fringe area next to the Eldorado Park that many neighbors have labeled cellular hell. After month long frustrations with my own T-Mobile, which will not work in or around the house, I tried my sons' AT&T and Sprint which while functional displayed sub-average reception and clarity. The Motorola E815 with Verizon service was acquired today and functions flawlessly with excellent send and receive capabilities. The phone itsel has far too many features but fortunately they do not intrude too much in the process of placing and receiving calls.

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | Long Beach Blvd, Bixby Area, Long Beach, CA 90807 |

Nextel coverage of the north side of Signal Hill and also in the Lakewood area have been poor for years. I seem to get much better coverage when I travel. In building is particularly poor. Oddly enough, coverage in my home near by is generally good.

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | Brookhurst | Cresent, Anaheim, CA 92801 |

The signal can vary from none to 2 bars within a few feet

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5 Out of 5 (5 stars) | Granada | Toledo, Long Beach, CA 90803 |

Tmoblie works great here, inside and outside of my house. I had Verizon and could never get a signal.

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4 Out of 5 (4 stars) | Rosecrans | Rosecrans and Euclid, Fullerton, CA 92833 |

Rosecrans between Beach Blvd. and Gilbert St. has no signal at all. I believe it is all same for Cingular, Verizon, and T-Mobile. To avoid these horrible reception, there is nothing you can do but to move out to other area. Rosecrans+Parks St. (OK) Rosecrans+Euclid (OK) Rosecrans+Beach (OK, but not where the Regional Park is)

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | 3100 Blk Mariquita St. | Obispo and 3rd, Long Beach, CA 90803 |

Had Razr before and lucky if I get one bar or maybe two inside my apartment. My neighbor has the MDA and also complains about signal strength of lack of it.

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | 62nd Place | Ocean, Long Beach, CA 90803 |

Halfway down the Alamitos Peninsula on Belmont Shore the reception is poor. I usually you have to walk outside to get any reception and half the time I only get a message saying I have voicemail because the phone never received the incoming call. Since I reside on the second story of the building the reception is a little better, however, I still have to walk outside my apartment if I plan to have a conversation longer than a minute before the reception starts breaking up. What's weird with my phone is that sometimes it will show full reception bars, then it will show one bar the next minute, and then when I try to make a phone call it will show no bars. I usually have to wait until the phone shows bars in order to make an outgoing call before the bars go away again. It's like aliens are playing a sick game with my phone whenever I try to make a phone call just tick me off. One thing I would have to mention to anyone with a T-Mobile Razr V3 phone is that a few months ago T-Mobile let anyone with a Razr phone to exchange it for a newer version of the Razr because supposedly the first phones were having problems with reception and what not. I never really had any problems with my first Razr phone regarding reception but the new updated phones they gave out are actually worse. The only reason why I stick with T-Mobile is because they are about the only phone carrier with a one-year plan and they offer 1500 anytime minutes. Since T-Mobile uses Cingular's antennas it's the same as having a Cingular phone but with a much better service plan. Many people fall for the free weekend and night-time minutes no one really talks for more than 1000 minutes in a month let alone 1500.

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5 Out of 5 (5 stars) | Ladoga Ave. Near Palo Verde Dr. and Sprint St., Long Beach, CA 90808 |

Switched to Verizon from AT&T 2 years ago. AT&T had no reception at my house. Verizon is great, at my house and throughout this part of Long Beach.

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | 7th and Bellflower, Long Beach, CA 90803 |

Horrible service both inside and outside our home. Dropped calls are the norm... my friends hate when I call them from my cell phone for this very reason. Can't wait until my contract is up and I am switching to Verizon.

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