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Hinton, WV Cell Towers & Signal Map

1. AT&T 1.4 star rating (1.4 stars | 8 Reviews)
2. Sprint 1 star rating (1 stars | 3 Reviews)
3. Verizon 0.8 star rating (0.8 stars | 4 Reviews)

Total Coverage 1.4 star rating (1.4 stars | 20 Reviews)
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Cell Site Lease Rates

Verizon ($450 a month)

Huntington, WV | July 27, 2016

More than half a dozen cellular lines with Verizon and nearly no service at all in my home, yard or neighborhood. Paying for nothing.

Verizon ($175 a month)

Skokie , IL | July 25, 2016

Our reception sucks at home and work and when I called Verizon, they said they're not planning on fixing the problem!

Verizon ($40 a month)

Hearne, TX | July 25, 2016


Verizon ($400 a month)

Springfield, MO | July 24, 2016

2percent raise per year.

T-Mobile ($40 a month)

Syracuse, NY | July 24, 2016

The plan from T-Mobile is good except for the fact that I have sucky reception at home and at my camp. They need to add more towers and make the reception better or I'm out.

T-Mobile ($35 a month)

Lancaster, PA | July 24, 2016

I have no service on Carnes-Wilson rd

Other ($35 a month)

Lancaster, PA | July 24, 2016

I have no service on Carnes-Wilson rd

T-Mobile ($3,000 a month)

La Quinta, CA | July 23, 2016


Verizon ($140 a month)

Bryson City, NC | July 23, 2016

Can't get a good reception.

AT&T ($115 a month)

Menomonie, WI | July 22, 2016

Need more towers!?!?! Biggest name out there and your only tower in the MENOMONIE area is 20+ miles away in Glenwood City???? Wth??

AT&T ($50 a month)

Gustavus, AK | July 22, 2016

Don't go with AT&T. Their service is terrible in Gustavus unless you are within a 1 / 4 mile from tower. Years of complaints and requests for better service around town continue to be ignored by AT&T. The service has been getting slower due to increased cruise ship sailings in the area.

Verizon ($135 a month)

Condon, OR | July 22, 2016

i live on a hill (@3350 ft) I have a celluar one and AT&T tower just down the road and I do not have a signal most of the time. I have to go to the garage to get service, Verizon is not sympathetic to my pleas as I do not understand why they keep me locked into my contract (which expires 11-28-16) when I am not getting service. This sucks paying for something and not getting what you pay for, Their customer service sucks

Leap/Cricket ($50 a month)

Brownfield, TX | July 22, 2016

Yea I'm paying for literally no service in 90% of Texas. They say they have coverage in all of texas which is a total lie. I cant get service in brownfield and I live in lubbock which is avput 40 or so minutes away... .what the hell? Very poor service

AT&T ($50 a month)

Brookwood, AL | July 22, 2016

No service in my trailer

Verizon ($200 a month)

San Francisco, CA | July 22, 2016

I hate Verizon and all other cell services. In getting a carrier pigeon. I'd rather feed it than the corporate greed

US Cellular ($50 a month)

Lumberton, NC | July 21, 2016

That's what a pay a month. Not including tax

T-Mobile ($60 a month)

Waynesboro, VA | July 21, 2016

No coverage in waynesboro Va...

Verizon ($200 a month)

Pebble Beach, CA | July 20, 2016

No reception 2 miles away

SBA ($70 a month)

Montgomery County, PA | July 18, 2016

I'm staying in the Spring hill suites Montgomery county pa. I have unknown " for sure suspects " following me ie plotting against me!???" Please track this signal and date and time plus my entire stay here of three days as I will need it for future proceedings. God Bless! No this is not a test and no I'm not seeing things. Thank You for your attention in this matter. Mark

Leap/Cricket ($40 a month)

Charlotte, NC | July 18, 2016

Phone not working

Verizon ($200 a month)

Park City, UT | July 17, 2016

Verizon 'd a mafia. No bars at all. What a bunch of creepiness. And greedy. Nice, thanks phone. I wanna know what's going on in my lil party mountain town of park city utah, and can't... Maybe I should just end it all... Thanx verizon

Leap/Cricket ($50 a month)

Los Angeles, CA | July 17, 2016

As no signal

T-Mobile ($327 a month)

El Paso, TX | July 16, 2016

I can't receive any 4g lte signal it's been like this for about a month now it's super slow. Before I had 4g lte when it was winter to spring time, but when summer started it just disappeared. Debating if I should switch companies.. this is really disappoint because I'm paying for a high speed data not slow speed data.

T-Mobile ($300 a month)

El Paso, TX | July 16, 2016

I can't receive any 4g lte signal it's been like this for about a month now it's super slow. Before I had 4g lte when it was winter to spring time, but when summer started it just disappeared. Debating if I should switch companies.. this is really disappoint because I'm paying for a high speed data not slow speed data.

Verizon ($30 a month)

Apex, NC | July 14, 2016

Certainly not Verizon Wirelesss. Inside my home am lucky to see 1 bar and calls break up. Verizon Wireless, (greedy company) won't do anything about it. They want you to buy a Network Extender to connect to my Router (and my data plan) to make service better. And the Network Extenders are not cheap running upwards of $200... I am not paying that to fix a problem that they should be fixing. What they need to do is add another tower or two. Nearest one to me is by Hwy. 55 and Hwy. 64 about 3 miles away. Not good and don't say to buy a new phone, since I do not want a phone that requires a data plan. My old Motorola Razor V3M is still just what I need.

Leap/Cricket ($40 a month)

Fresno, CA | July 13, 2016

I can bearly receive a call and send a text message. I get 1 bar out of 5 for reception if Im lucky and the other times it says I can t make a call at the moment. The same happens on an AT&T phone.

AT&T ($200 a month)

Sparta, NC | July 13, 2016

Do I have something off when it should be on

Metro PCS ($40 a month)

Lexington, TN | July 13, 2016

Does metro PCS get service in Lexington Tennessee

Crown Castle ($666 a month)

San Antonio, TX | July 12, 2016

Crown Castle is trying to strong arms us into a 40 year contact. We have been cheated by AT&T as the lessor and now CC is the management company trying to ADD an additional 40 years to our contract. We would like to know what other towers are getting and best way to negotiate our contract.

AT&T ($30 a month)

Hinton, WV | July 10, 2016

The service is terrible here. Hinton, Wv

T-Mobile ($164 a month)

Hanceville, AL | July 10, 2016

Beacause u can talk. All u want everything is unlimted talking and texting andadata

Other ($45 a month)

Wimauma, FL | July 10, 2016

Unlimited Data talk text but the only time when I get fast or LTE out in the country is when I use a app called network and I have it on LTE only so it wont go on 3G and it's virgin mobile

AT&T ($45 a month)

Waynedale, IN | July 08, 2016


Verizon ($165 a month)

Mountain Home, AR | July 06, 2016

My service is awful and I pay the same as if I lived where service is a lot better,I'm paying for something I'm not getting

Verizon ($64 a month)

Fairview, TX | July 04, 2016

Other ($55 a month)

Potsdam, NY | July 03, 2016

Im traveling from Ohio State to hannawa falls New York was wondering if I will have service there

T-Mobile ($95 a month)

Vidor, TX | June 30, 2016

I have no data and not signal in the house. Very poor service.

AT&T ($45 a month)

Campo, CA | June 30, 2016

I love AT&T Customer Care its so awesome the cell phone service is really good

Sprint ($312 a month)

Tionesta, PA | June 30, 2016

Sprint has no coverage available outside of Rt 79 for the entire Cooks Forest, Tionesta Area. It is amazing to me that such a large company, "Sprint World Wide" as they like to advertise, has 0 towers in such a popular area. I get absolutely no signal off of the main highway with out WiFi assistance

T-Mobile ($901 a month)

Corpus Christi, TX | June 30, 2016

For paying that much I want my internet to be working at all times I'm getting really annoyed by how my service only works for few hours then stops working please fix the problem. Because I love this service and I don't want to go to another. Company

Verizon ($245 a month)

Phillips, WI | June 28, 2016

Verizon really sucks for reception

T-Mobile ($40 a month)

Kodiak, AK | June 28, 2016

Simpmule mobile

Verizon ($200 a month)

Cedar Point, NC | June 27, 2016

Not good signal

Metro PCS ($60 a month)

Miami, FL | June 27, 2016

Connection in Aventura Fl. (just north of Miami) is extremely bad. Practically no phone conversation is possible from my cellphone if I am in my apartment in Aventura. Really bad for business.

Metro PCS ($50 a month)

Parker, AZ | June 27, 2016

I am in parker arizona can not get any signal whatsoever her at buckskin mountain campgrounds why is that?

AT&T ($200 a month)

Parker, CO | June 27, 2016

Have terrible service on 4g from ATT. Live in the Pinery. South of Parker Co. Have one bar / dot all the time. No winder,, our closest tower is in Stonegate. 15 miles away.

Verizon ($188 a month)

Cortez, CO | June 27, 2016

Too high

Sprint ($200 a month)

Carrollton, OH | June 26, 2016

I absolutely can't get any service and Dellroy Ohio wish we could get better service I wish they would put Towers over here

Other ($55 a month)

Poplar Bluff, MO | June 24, 2016

I have straight talk. Moved from tennessee and service is slow

Sprint ($212 a month)

Big Rock, IL | June 24, 2016


American Tower ($1,134 a month)

Austin, TX | June 23, 2016

Want to know what going rate they want to extend lease

Verizon ($3,941 a month)

Devers, TX | June 23, 2016


Sprint ($167 a month)

Baldwin, FL | June 23, 2016


Verizon ($204 a month)

Palm Harbor , FL | June 21, 2016

A lot of money and there are no hot spots in the area. I drop calls when driving. it is a lot of money and there is nothing they can do about it. 2 smart phone and 1 old flip phone. with no data

Sprint ($145 a month)

Decatur, AL | June 21, 2016

Im paying all this money a month for service that I cant even get I live in decatur al. Please fix it

Crown Castle ($750 a month)

Indianapolis, IN | June 20, 2016

In process of renegotiating My contact telephone number is 317.590.8441

Other ($71 a month)

Cabo Rojo, PR | June 20, 2016

El internet de Claro esta muy lento en Cabo Rojo la señal en muchos sectores es muy debil.

AT&T ($250 a month)

Wellston, OK | June 18, 2016

Cannot get signal 5 miles south of Route 66 and highway 102. About to drop at&t

T-Mobile ($400 a month)

El Paso, TX | June 18, 2016

For 4 cell phones 1 table And I'm always complaining about T-mobile's Internet service when I got unlimited and don't get full 4G always feels Like 2G

Metro PCS ($50 a month)

Miami, FL | June 17, 2016

Where is a cell tower in 5th and South Beach

Sprint ($80 a month)

Grass Lake, MI | June 17, 2016


Other ($1 a month)

Atlanta, GA | June 15, 2016

This is not a cell site. This an AM Station Transmitter site.

Verizon ($180 a month)

Moscow Mills, MO | June 14, 2016

Lack of cell tower signal

AT&T ($130 a month)

Lyman, WA | June 13, 2016

Been with AT&T wireless since Cingular. Really surprised with such poor signal at Cowboys Campsite in Sedro-Woolley, WA. I'mean barely at 1 bar, with new Samsung S7 Edge. The AT&T sales rep RAVED better signal and with quad processing, boy they saw new coming ($700 later) and I'm still one signal bar. It's time to put the phone down and enjoy the beauty in WA.

Other ($50 a month)

Jonesboro, AR | June 13, 2016

I have no service with straight talk verzon

Metro PCS ($60 a month)

Las Cruces, NM | June 11, 2016

When I switched from Verizon to metro metroPCS. I switched also switched my mothers. I was told we would both get good internet reception. I do, but she gets none. She pays $40 for hers I pay $60. She lost a very good internet service to save $10 a month and now she gets none. She had Verizon plan for years. Metro PCS didn't check service where she lives or were not truthful to make a sale. She lives in Radium Springs 15mi. North of La Cruces, NM. Not happy!

Leap/Cricket ($50 a month)

Jackson, MS | June 10, 2016


Other ($70 a month)

Bainbridge, GA | June 10, 2016

Why don't boost mobile work in g.a

Metro PCS ($80 a month)

Lost Hills, CA | June 09, 2016

No signal

T-Mobile ($100 a month)

York, PA | June 08, 2016

Service sucks. 5 min to send a photos. Takes forever to load videos. Hate it

Sprint ($140 a month)

Boynton Beach, FL | June 08, 2016

Reception is horrible in BOYNTON Beach FL zip 33436

Verizon ($80 a month)

Bluffton, SC | June 08, 2016

Anything more reasonable ?

Other ($45 a month)

Prestonsburg, KY | June 07, 2016

There are no good cell services anymore. My signal strength from the nearest tower goes from -125 dB through -115 dB. In other words, no usable signal. Ergo, all servers are no good.

Verizon ($150 a month)

Colchester, CT | June 04, 2016

This os permisión for a home alarm system

Leap/Cricket ($50 a month)

Union Springs, AL | June 04, 2016

My cell is not getting signal to call

Other ($10 a month)

Tallahassee , FL | June 03, 2016

Current location

American Tower ($1,585 a month)

Rio Grande City, TX | June 03, 2016

Would like to know if this rate is reasonable and if it is legal to make a "perpetual agreement" contract. Would like to know what the average rate in the area is.

Verizon ($350 a month)

Wilkes Barre, PA | June 03, 2016

Rates are a mortgage

AT&T ($45 a month)

Tobyhanna, PA | June 02, 2016

This service is far the best I'm about to change my service today I refuse to let them get my money again and they mega bits data plan far the best I tell you

AT&T ($380 a month)

Hagerstown, MD | May 30, 2016

Help mee

T-Mobile ($114 a month)

Stephenville, TX | May 29, 2016

Paying way to much

Other ($45 a month)

West Branch, MI | May 28, 2016

Witch cell phone works there

AT&T ($130 a month)

Santa Clarita, CA | May 26, 2016

Why has ATT cell services gone down to almost no signal in my area? I'm about to change to a new cell company! It was good but in past month has greatly decreased for cell service!

AT&T ($130 a month)

Florence, OR | May 25, 2016

I've had AT&T at leased 9 years and there always helpful. We moved to Florence, Or. Close to Haceta beach. Everyone informs us we'll have better service if we go to Verion. I really don't want to change. I'm in hopes AT&T will be putting a new tower north of town.

Other ($12,700 a month)

Portland, OR | May 24, 2016

Imagine dozens of these towers in that area and you have a good idea of what life is like when you're surrounded by industrial wind turbines. But they spin, make noise, kill birds and bats, and are much worse in general.

Verizon ($9,500 a month)

Riverton, WY | May 15, 2016

Two 25-year terms. Price doubles every term.

American Tower ($860 a month)

East Bridgewater, MA | May 12, 2016

Base monthly.

SBA ($665 a month)

Houston, TX | April 13, 2016

SBA is desiring to extend the lease. What is average rate in the area? How do I find out which carriers are using the site?

AT&T ($2,600 a month)

San Mateo, CA | April 02, 2016

San Bruno, CA.

Verizon ($1,400 a month)

Hillsboro, OR | March 24, 2016

$1,400 plus 3% per annual.

US Cellular ($900 a month)

Warrens, WI | March 02, 2016

US Cellular lease.

Nextel ($876 a month)

Newark, OH | February 27, 2016

Increases 3 percent yearly.

American Tower ($1,590 a month)

Annapolis, MD | February 24, 2016

They currently pay $1,343 a month on a lease that expires in 17 years with 3 percent increases, no sharing on income of additional carriers. They want another 30 years on the lease raising the rent to $1,590 with a $20,000 signing bonus.

US Cellular ($1,000 a month)

Cary, NC | February 21, 2016

25-year lease ending. US cellular was paying $700. Now offering $1,500 a month. AT&T also joined the tower a few years ago.

US Cellular ($884 a month)

Dunn, NC | February 11, 2016

We are in year 10 and it is up for renegotiation in June.

SBA ($950 a month)

Tallapoosa, GA | December 28, 2015

40 years left of a 50 year lease. Verizon carrier.

Verizon ($800 a month)

Orlando, FL | December 26, 2015

Indian River Co. and Breviary Co.

Crown Castle ($900 a month)

Columbus, OH | December 24, 2015

Crown Castle offer is $900 a month with rent escalations every five years not to exceed 15% based on the Consumer Price Index. I will not be paid for added carriers.

Crown Castle ($1,019 a month)

Columbia, SC | December 09, 2015

Compare lease amounts being paid for Columbia, SC, area.

Verizon ($700 a month)

Indianapolis, IN | November 06, 2015

5 years with a 10% escalator clause after 5 years.

Sprint ($2,500 a month)

San Diego, CA | October 07, 2015

This lease is located at Western Flight, Inc. on McClellan Palomar Airport since 2014.

American Tower ($550 a month)

Atlanta, GA | October 07, 2015

American Tower wants to lease my tower for 5 years, $10,000 sign on and $550 a month. It's a Verizon tower and AT&T just joined, so there are two carriers now. Is that a low price?

American Tower ($600 a month)

Moville, IA | October 06, 2015

Woodbury County, IA (northwest IA) American Tower wants to renew existing contract, offering $600 per month with $15,000 one-time payment. See their presentations on their investor relations site -- study carefully. This company is making money by the bucketloads. Average tower revenue of $5,500 per month gross margin 77 percent, land owners generally own one tower site, 9 percent of Verizon sites have revenue sharing agreements, landlord base is highly fragmented, etc.

T-Mobile ($550 a month)

Houston, TX | September 29, 2015

I'm in Houston, TX.

T-Mobile ($475 a month)

Bloominhton, IL | September 18, 2015

I'm wondering how much I should be getting for this lease.

AT&T ($1,100 a month)

Piqua, OH | September 10, 2015

Five-year increments 3% annual increase

AT&T ($2,000 a month)

Saint Louis, MO | September 08, 2015

Lease was sold in Jan 2013.

Verizon ($1,200 a month)

Houston, TX | August 21, 2015

Cell phone companies really offer way lower than they are able to do. And they won't let you know how much they will benefit. They can add other carriers to use the tower for an extra profit to them -- but they will not offer it the you. A lot of cell phone companies offer a sign up bonus. They are in it for themselves and try very hard to give land owners the very raw end of the deal.

American Tower ($1,500 a month)

Napoleon, ND | August 14, 2015

275 feet on tower.

Verizon ($2,200 a month)

Houston, TX | August 14, 2015

Contract has been offered -- not accepted. They started at $800 then went to $1,500. Now at $2,200.

Other ($405 a month)

Winder, GA | July 28, 2015

$41,500 signing bonus. Nine 5-year terms. 15% increase every 5 years. Each additional operators will give $10,500 lump sum.

Metro PCS ($1,620 a month)

Miami, FL | July 23, 2015

ATC owns the tower lease now.

Other ($500 a month)

Fort Worth, TX | July 12, 2015

Crafton Comm Co. is out of Birmingham Al. Wants to lease land for cell phone tower for $500 a month. Local office is in Dallas. Also wants to lease another space about a quarter to a mile away from someone else. The amount sounds way too low, and may be too close to each other?

Verizon ($560 a month)

Lubbock, TX | June 29, 2015

Verizon tower recently acquired by American Tower. They have six years left on lease, but want to renew for another 30 years. Land has great commercial value, not sure what we will do.

American Tower ($1,000 a month)

Savannah, NY | June 26, 2015

American Tower wants to extend 25 years -- $15,000 sign on, 15% every five years.

American Tower ($600 a month)

West Union, OH | June 25, 2015

The tower is on the 2nd highest part in Adams County, OH. They want to extend / amend current lease, covert lease to perpetual easement, convert lease to capital lease 49 years, or fee simple purcase of the leased premise for a one payment of $95,000 with an installment program. We're coming close to an end to a 30 lease, which was signed by my mother, who's passed.

Other ($400 a month)

Blountstown, FL | June 18, 2015

The contract to our tower came with the land when we bought it. The lease is up October, 2015, Florida State is now the owner, we are hoping for at least $1,500 to $2,000 a month. It is a communication tower. We feel that is a fair price.

American Tower ($634 a month)

Bowman, SC | June 13, 2015

I have a 50-year lease starting in 1999 at $5,000 per year. No rental sharing.

AT&T ($405 a month)

Mcewen, TN | May 27, 2015

Time to renegotiate contract. Just wondering about the price.

Crown Castle ($550 a month)

Tucson, AZ | May 20, 2015

Leased property in 1995. Since that time four outher companys have installed on that site. I will be renegoating lease soon and would like to see comparisons in that area.

Verizon ($2,350 a month)

Columbia, MD | May 11, 2015

One year left on the lease.

Verizon ($833 a month)

Tampa, FL | May 08, 2015

Verizon tower that is now going to American Tower. We refused to sign forms for American Tower without a price increase to us. Tower located along the interstate as you enter Tampa.

Crown Castle ($1,500 a month)

Lizella, GA | May 06, 2015

Not sure what to expect from this venure. There's an AT&T tower almost adjacent to where this would be constructed.

Verizon ($600 a month)

New York, NY | May 01, 2015

In 10016 area code. 2% escalation each year. 5 year lease. Two 5 year options. Too cheap?

AT&T ($1,000 a month)

Lufkin, TX | April 23, 2015

Highest elevation in northern part of county.

Crown Castle ($887 a month)

Nicholasville, KY | April 22, 2015

CC wants to renew lease. I have 9 more years on present lease. Should sell or renew lease? Several companies have made offers. Offers include 3 percent increase each year and a percentage of sites sold in the future.

Other ($600 a month)

New York, NY | April 17, 2015

Brooklyn. Very busy area. The offer is $600 for rooftop with 2% escalation. Too cheap?

SBA ($1,450 a month)

Tracy, CA | April 03, 2015

SBA subleased space to AT&T. We currently get $1,150 a month and will be going to $1,322 a month at next five-year anniversary (one year from now). Verizon wants to locate on as well. They initially offered $500 a month. We countered with $1,150 a month. They offered $900 a month. After much negotiation -- we made our case for $1,150 stating that they should match AT&T) -- my contact at Verizon says they will do the $1,150 with 3 percent increase per year. Just waiting for the contract. That will give us over $3,700 a month with yearly increases of 3 percent. This is in Santa Rosa, CA.

Verizon ($1,250 a month)

Las Vegas, NV | April 01, 2015

Two five-year terms. Second term goes to $1,500 per month.

AT&T ($1,734 a month)

Woodville, TX | March 27, 2015

I think my tower should have a few more carriers on it. The site was put up in 1991 and I haven't seen a better site in town than mine.

AT&T ($477 a month)

Nashwauk, MN | March 20, 2015

It is a five-year term lease renewable up to eight times. We have offers ranging from $70,000 to $90,000 buyout lump sum. And $105,000 to $111,000 10-year terms. What can we expect? It's well over $300,000 if it goes full term at 45 years.

SBA ($2,534 a month)

Ft. Myers, FL | March 15, 2015

3 percent increase each year.

Crown Castle ($880 a month)

Arlington, TX | March 07, 2015

They're trying to get us to sign a lease for 50 years.

Verizon ($800 a month)

Dallas, TX | March 03, 2015

Location is Baylor Medical Center at Irving, TX.

Crown Castle ($800 a month)

Tomball, TX | March 03, 2015

They lease now but would like to purchase as an easement.

Verizon ($500 a month)

Tahlequah, OK | March 02, 2015

High commercial location. Verizon is offering $6,000 per year.

Verizon ($400 a month)

Mcintyre , GA | February 27, 2015

CellOne sold out to Verizon in 2000, lease agreement ends in 2020. 4.1 acres with three tie-downs, 600 yards of easement, but no earning nor yearly increase. Crown Castle, Unison and many other flood my mailbox with possible offerings. Their main objective is to repeat CellOne thief in the night contract. Will deal only with Verizon five years from now. They will pay up or pack up.

T-Mobile ($1,200 a month)

Oak Lawn, IL | February 26, 2015

10-year lease.

Other ($416 a month)

Charlotte, NC | February 23, 2015

10 year contract that expires this year. Realized I got lowballed after calling around to people near me and finding out that they got double my contract.

AT&T ($1,700 a month)

Atlanta, GA | February 22, 2015

Own property in industrial park -- interested in building our own 175-190' tower at 952 sea level. There are appurtenances -- mostly trees to 45'.

AT&T ($1,250 a month)

Spokane , WA | February 21, 2015

Combined income between AT&T and T-Mobile.

Nextel ($750 a month)

West Point, GA | February 14, 2015

Would like to see rates in the area.

AT&T ($1,400 a month)

Port Hadlock, WA | January 31, 2015

These guys should be paying more. They installed a 200-ft tower in 2008 I think.

Verizon ($500 a month)

Anniston, AL | January 27, 2015

Verizon contacted me to lease my land for a cell tower at $500 a month for the next 25 years. Does this sound fair?

AT&T ($700 a month)

Elroy , WI | January 24, 2015

Will they collocate to another tower in the same location for cheaper rent to take their tower down?

Crown Castle ($550 a month)

Wilmore, KY | January 23, 2015

Open-ended fixed lease signed by previous owner. With AT&T now. Sold to Crown -- can not renegotiate, carries 10 extra subs now. Lease was not made clear when I purchased the land.

Verizon ($550 a month)

Charlotte, MI | January 22, 2015

Our 20 year lease is up in October 2016. We are curious at the going rate for renewal.

Verizon ($1,200 a month)

Honolulu, HI | January 20, 2015

Still in consideration.

Crown Castle ($303 a month)

Paris, TN | January 19, 2015

McKenzie tn. Crown castle is a rip off. They're making piles of money and we are getting crumbs. When this lease is done they can take there tower to the melting pot. Aka.

Verizon ($1,000 a month)

York, PA | January 08, 2015

100' x 100' lease not signed yet. Think we can get a little more and get my driveway blacktopped. Maybe a small sign on bonus.

T-Mobile ($5,000 a month)

Weslaco, TX | December 28, 2014

T-Mobile tower. Leased from private owner.

AT&T ($1,019 a month)

Cayce, SC | December 26, 2014

Owned by Mt. Pisgah A.M.E. Church at 129 Dixiana Road, West Columbia, SC, 29171.

Other ($1,000 a month)

Cincinnati, OH | December 25, 2014

Make sure your lease agreement includes a clause where your rent will increase with each additional carrier that colocates on the tower.

AT&T ($800 a month)

Hopkinsville, KY | December 20, 2014

Rent fair?

Other ($925 a month)

Palmer, AK | December 19, 2014

Old lease, 20 years left. Inflation escalators.

AT&T ($2,150 a month)

Encinitas, CA | December 17, 2014

Just installed two towers. They want to install a back up generator near their equipment shed. Will be asking for bigger increase since installation of towers (at their cost) was such a nightmare.

Verizon ($1,000 a month)

Arlington, TX | December 11, 2014

Are we too cheap?

Other ($2,800 a month)

Charlybeates, NC | December 06, 2014

The lease was originally with MCI. Then, Verizon took it over and entered into a sub-lease with the Harnett County. At that same time, approximately 30 feet of tower and a couple of dishes were removed. Within the last year, the county has upgraded the dishes on this site. The current lease is due to end in December 2015. I do not have any lease agreement with anyone other than the county. It provides EMS, sheriff and state patrols service. It was installed in 1985.

Other ($500 a month)

Matthews, GA | December 04, 2014

This is the offer we have received. I feel it is low, but how do you know? I have no idea how to find out.

Other ($500 a month)

Pickens, SC | December 03, 2014

I want to know how much taxes and insurance go up. Also, how much to expect a month for a lease?

American Tower ($1,400 a month)

Cincinnati, OH | November 30, 2014

Wants to extend lease for another 25 years. What is it worth?

Verizon ($600 a month)

Eugene, OR | November 25, 2014

How much should I be getting?

SBA ($550 a month)

Jonesboro, AR | November 11, 2014

Up for renewal in four years. Been negotiating for two years with no agreement. Offering increase to $750 (chump change) for 30 year renewal.

Verizon ($2,000 a month)

Collegedale, TN | November 11, 2014

I'm a telecommunications engineer who is responsible for maintaining and designing the networks of the top three telecom competitors. Folks, Verizon, and all of the others, will try to get you very low, but do know that they do pay $5,000 to $6,000 per month when they have to. If they want your location very badly, you have them where it it counts. Never go under $2,000 per month. They may find someone else who'll go lower than you, but if they are contacting you then yours is one of the "best" locations for their customers.

Other ($700 a month)

West Jefferson, NC | October 25, 2014

100x100 or 10,000 sq ft. Western NC Appalachias.

Crown Castle ($1,100 a month)

Glendale , AZ | October 20, 2014

Don't know if this is a fair amount.

Verizon ($600 a month)

Cherokee, AL | October 15, 2014

Verizon lease is in process and wants to pay $600 a month for 100x100 sqft. of my property and $848 a month for insurance. So they want to pay me $675 a month total. The lease hasn't been signed yet. We are still trying to get insurance quotes. I think my lease is worth more than this amount.

Sprint ($1,933 a month)

Whittier, CA | October 11, 2014

Per month 3% increase per year. 12 years left on the lease. On the roof of a two story building with truss reinforced roofing. I was told it was the tallest building in the area.

Sprint ($1,750 a month)

San Antonio, TX | October 08, 2014

Am I getting ripped off? I have 12 years left on my lease.

American Tower ($800 a month)

Bowling Green, KY | October 07, 2014

Has place for three more carriers.

AT&T ($1,100 a month)

Berkeley, CA | October 04, 2014

I am offered a 5-year term with 7.5% increase after 5 years. I would like to know rates in my area.

Crown Castle ($1,000 a month)

Indianapolis, IN | September 30, 2014

Renegotiating. Need to know averages.

T-Mobile ($2,200 a month)

San Francisco, CA | September 24, 2014

In San Francisco.

C-Spire ($450 a month)

Yazoo City, MS | September 23, 2014

The terms of the lease call for increments if the option is granted. The initial terms are $450 per month; base period is five years. They are offering to purchase the site now. Lease is with a Civic Not for Profit Group.

Verizon ($900 a month)

Boise, ID | September 17, 2014

I need to see what Verizon is paying for other sites. # sites in Boise and One in Meridian, Idaho on McMillan Rd. should be considered.

Verizon ($597 a month)

Meridian, ID | September 13, 2014

We are being paid significantly less than our original lease.

Verizon ($700 a month)

Magnolia, TX | September 13, 2014

Verizon Wireless requesting to lease my property to install a self supported cell phone tower on my five acre tract, 75 foot by 75 foot enclosed.

AT&T ($2,200 a month)

Seattle, WA | September 10, 2014

I own two towers.

Other ($1,500 a month)

Lisbon, OH | September 09, 2014

I have a number of two-way radio custumers and a wireless Internet business paying rent per month.

American Tower ($500 a month)

Minneapolis, MN | September 08, 2014

Located in Faribault, MN.

AT&T ($800 a month)

Memphis, TN | September 04, 2014

On Longcrest Rd. Memphis, TN

Verizon ($600 a month)

Bridgewater, NJ | September 04, 2014

Am talking to them about this lease. It is for a 275-foot tower with guywires and they want over five acres of my land, not including a 20-foot easement roadway. I think this is way too low.

Crown Castle ($860 a month)

Annapolis, MD | September 04, 2014

Rip-off deal in Southern Maryland. APC Realty of Mahwah, NJ leased land for cell tower from my elderly, disabled father. Lease started in 2001 at $650 per month for 2,500sf. Sold lease to Global Signal, which was bought by Crown Castle. Current rent represents result of rip-off deal with elderly, disabled man -- no share of any tenant's rent and the tenants are AT&T, Comcast, Sprint and Verizon. T-Mobile is coming on board as a new tenant very soon. Rip-off rent ($0) from tenants. How much is this worth, how much should my father be getting now, and how much should I sell lease for if it ends in 2051?

Other ($420 a month)

Wasilla, AK | September 03, 2014

The cell company has changed ownership many times and will not work with the land owner on a new contract.

AT&T ($1,700 a month)

Jacksonville, FL | September 03, 2014

Located in Cocoa Beach, FL. Comparing rates.

AT&T ($900 a month)

Cumberland, MD | September 03, 2014

I have not least yet. This is what they offered and I am not sure if this is a good price.

Other ($1,000 a month)

Pascagoula, MS | September 01, 2014

No company is leasing this site.

Verizon ($1,700 a month)

Rescue, CA | August 26, 2014

Tower located at Ponderosa and Meter Roads in Shingle Springs California. Would like comparables for that area. Thank you very much

AT&T ($2,300 a month)

Austin, TX | August 22, 2014

Houston, Texas: Panels on a roof top. Now they want to lower the lease payment or offer a 99 year buy out of $295,000

SBA ($793 a month)

North East, PA | August 12, 2014

What are the going rates for tower rental in northeastern Pennsylvania for SBA towers and how do they compare to other companies?

US Cellular ($650 a month)

Willits, CA | August 11, 2014

20 year lease. Increases each year according to CPI. Started lease in 1997. Started at $5,000 per year. Since then T-Mobil has added equipment and AT&T is looking to add equipment. Our lease does not compensate us for added equipment so make sure you negotiate that into your lease.

Crown Castle ($1,920 a month)

Red Lion, PA | July 30, 2014

Have two additional sublets on site.

Crown Castle ($1,200 a month)

Palm Coast, FL | July 25, 2014

We have the option to renegotiate every 5 years and blew it last time. Trying to figure out what a good price is. Have no idea if we are getting ripped off.

Verizon ($600 a month)

Bastrop, TX | July 22, 2014

Bastrop County, Near Elroy, TX.

T-Mobile ($800 a month)

Corvallis, OR | July 21, 2014

Wondering if AT&T has co-located on to tower located west of the Corvallis Rd. or Independence Hwy. and north of Ryals Rd. in Benton County, OR in the last four months.

AT&T ($360 a month)

South El Monte, CA | July 20, 2014

Offered $150,000 for perpetual easement on existing monopole tower.

Verizon ($1,200 a month)

Roseville, OH | July 10, 2014

I feel I should be getting more...

Verizon ($800 a month)

Greenville, NC | July 10, 2014

150 ft. tower 100-by-100 ft. Non-restrictive access road. Rent increases by 2 percent a year for 25 years. Considering the length of the land leased, they will be adding additional tenants.

Crown Castle ($1,500 a month)

Liberty Hill, TX | July 09, 2014

Not much to say. I'm very happy with the terms.

American Tower ($396 a month)

Mt Pleasant, IA | July 03, 2014

My late m.i.l. signed the contract; not knowing what she was signing, receiving very low rent. American Tower is asking heirs to renew contract, offering a pittance and a $5,000 signing bonus for another 20 year contract with 3% increase every 5 years. Heirs are not signing any agreement at this time. We have an attorney working on it; just started this week.

Verizon ($600 a month)

Muleshoe, TX | July 01, 2014

Wondering about the rate in the Muleshoe, TX for Verizon to put a tower on an individual's land.

Verizon ($500 a month)

Columbus, OH | June 27, 2014

Verizon rep is looking at our property. Five years with five renewals at 10% increase. Central Ohio.

Verizon ($650 a month)

Grand Haven, MI | June 27, 2014

Paid in one check per year. Amount increases 10 percent every five years. 30 year lease.

US Cellular ($8,800 a month)

Hamilton, IL | June 20, 2014

The company is giving a fair amount for this tower space. I am required to give U.S. Cellular unrestricted access for a period of 10 years. While payments are consistently 10 to 15 days late, overall I am very happy with this arrangement.

AT&T ($1,500 a month)

Union, MO | June 18, 2014

I have 2 towers on the property. Sold both leases to CCG, Atlanta, $250,000, will receive 80% of new tenants or towers on property.

Crown Castle ($750 a month)

Chantilly, VA | June 17, 2014

Our tower is near Charlottesville, VA. I suspect that we can do better.

SBA ($1,000 a month)

Cogan Station, PA | June 15, 2014

I don't know what it's worth, but I'm getting chump changed to have this on my property.

Crown Castle ($850 a month)

Moscow, TN | June 12, 2014

I know our contract is coming due soon and we are definitely going to renegotiate the terms and price of the next lease.

Verizon ($3,500 a month)

Truckton, CO | June 11, 2014

In Larkspur, CO.

SBA ($1,045 a month)

Blue Ridge, GA | June 11, 2014

This is what we are currently getting. SBA wants to do a three year abatement, which means no money for us during that time -- they get rent-free space. The reason: they don't have a tenant on the tower, they say ours is a preferred site, and they hope to get a tenant before the three year abatement period is over. I'd like to hear from other SBA land owners -- if SBA is offering them similar amendments to their contract. Thanks.

Crown Castle ($900 a month)

Kingman, KS | June 09, 2014

Is this reasonable?

Verizon ($1,000 a month)

Prescott Valley, AZ | June 06, 2014

Verizon wants to put four cell towers on four public schools in Prescott Valley, AZ 86314.

T-Mobile ($1,510 a month)

Wilmington, NC | June 05, 2014

This site is on Bay Cove Lane in Wilmington, NC.

AT&T ($3,200 a month)

Escondido, CA | May 30, 2014

Cell site at Escondido, CA.

Verizon ($600 a month)

Boise, ID | May 26, 2014

Wondering how compares with other sites in the area.

AT&T ($800 a month)

Woodhaven, MI | May 17, 2014

Not sure what AT&T will pay, but I don't like its contract since it is all one-sided to them.

AT&T ($1,800 a month)

Mandeville, LA | May 16, 2014

I haven't been paid for 9 years, as I refused to sign the lease. AT&T sued me, but they couldn't enforce it since I hadn't signed an agreement and my attorney didn't have mandate to agree for me. It vacated the site last month, so I now have to find another lease for the tower.

Other ($850 a month)

Fairbanks, AK | May 16, 2014

I have been offered $850 a month for 1,600 square feet, 40-by-40-inch comms hut and 150-foot tower.

AT&T ($1,700 a month)

Lexington, KY | May 13, 2014

This is reasonable for the area.

Other ($600 a month)

Shawano, WI | May 07, 2014

This is for Cellcom.

Verizon ($600 a month)

Weirgate, TX | May 07, 2014

I was offered $600 per month.

T-Mobile ($1,400 a month)

Chicago, IL | May 06, 2014

I have a five year lease that renews every five years with a 10% increase at renewals. Now in 11th year.

Crown Castle ($1,125 a month)

Mcdonough, GA | May 05, 2014

Lease started with Sprint and has been sold twice now. Crown-Castle has it for 20 years. They are trying to extent the lease or buy it out. Would like to know what the rate is for McDonough, GA.

AT&T ($3,000 a month)

Marshfield, VT | May 01, 2014

I have two towers over my barn I lease.

AT&T ($1,500 a month)

Burlington, VT | April 24, 2014

Still owe me up front money $1,500.

Crown Castle ($864 a month)

Houston, TX | April 23, 2014

I think I am getting ripped off.

American Tower ($981 a month)

Front Royal, VA | April 23, 2014

What should the current rate be? They want to extend the lease for 50 years with a $30000 one time payment.

AT&T ($500 a month)

New Cumberland, PA | April 21, 2014

The above figure is what is being offered in Kent, Washington by New Cingular Wireless. Lease is for 700 square feet.

Crown Castle ($1,700 a month)

New Castle, PA | April 21, 2014

How much should I get to sell my rights for the ground under the tower

Crown Castle ($2,100 a month)

Florida City, FL | April 19, 2014

This is how much I was offered. I'm wondering if this is around the right price.

SBA ($660 a month)

Springfield, OR | April 17, 2014

Lease began at $600 a month for the first five years. 10% escalation every five years. Renewable for 25 years. In eighth year now.

AT&T ($1,000 a month)

Troy, MI | April 16, 2014

We own several buildings in the market. Would like to know what others are getting for monthly rent for an antenna on a rooftop.

AT&T ($397 a month)

Houston, TX | April 10, 2014

Downtown Houston, Texas.

Verizon ($408 a month)

Bigelow, AR | April 04, 2014

This lease is through American Towers.

SBA ($900 a month)

Morrison, IL | April 03, 2014

3% per year increase. 10% of additional revenue.

Sprint ($4,620 a month)

Sweetwater, FL | April 02, 2014

3% rent increase per year. Tampa, FL.

Verizon ($1,300 a month)

Pinellas Park, FL | March 29, 2014

Lease is up next year.

AT&T ($725 a month)

Sarepta, LA | March 27, 2014

I have had this lease for several years now. Lease rate goes up every 5 years. But it seems it should more. Site is located in central Louisiana.

Verizon ($600 a month)

Columbus, OH | March 25, 2014

How is that for this area? Should I get an increase each year? If so, how often? And how long should a lease be?

SBA ($1,400 a month)

Lowermakefield Twp., PA | March 25, 2014

We are not getting what we should. The initial contract for 20 years is now coming due in 5.5 years. We contacted a lawyer that only deals with property owners and he is getting a much better deal for our next agreement. A word of advise, you are not just leasing the land that the tower sits on, you are leasing the technology that is above, the signal is where they make their money, not the real estate.

Verizon ($400 a month)

East Tawas, MI | March 25, 2014

Verizon was looking at our property and two or three nearby. They offered $500 a month with a 3% gain each year. Is this a rip off?

American Tower ($800 a month)

Nashua, NH | March 22, 2014

This is in Southern Maine. Seems low and no addition amount if utilized by additional carriers.

Crown Castle ($1,077 a month)

Harrisburg, PA | March 22, 2014

I think I'm getting ripped off.

Verizon ($3,500 a month)

Albuquerque, NM | March 18, 2014

With a 3% increase per year.

AT&T ($600 a month)

Palestine, TX | March 16, 2014

Has a 15% increase at every 5 year contract renewal.

AT&T ($1,350 a month)

Clark County, WA | March 13, 2014

Site is in Battle Ground, WA. Still pending, lease not signed as yet.

Sprint ($1,800 a month)

El Cajon, CA | March 12, 2014

Sprint site paying $1,800 per month in El Cajon, CA. If I was to sell the income how much would I receive?

Metro PCS ($5,350 a month)

Bronx, NY | March 12, 2014

This is a roof top site.

Metro PCS ($625 a month)

Texarkana, TX | March 11, 2014

I have owned this site for four years now. I am the owner.

Verizon ($1,200 a month)

Jasper, TX | March 09, 2014

For three years now.

Crown Castle ($2,000 a month)

Los Lunas, NM | March 06, 2014

I would like to know how much leases are running in the area of San Fernanco, Los Lunas NM.

AT&T ($4,700 a month)

Linden, NJ | March 04, 2014

I would like to know what comparable rental incomes are for a site of this type so that I know if we are being underpaid.

American Tower ($3,250 a month)

Hobart, IN | March 02, 2014

In Hobart, they want to extend lease 25 years with one time 15% increase, and 3% per year and $75,000 signing bonus.

Crown Castle ($1,200 a month)

Greer, SC | February 28, 2014

Just checking to see what other people are getting paid to lease land that a cell tower is on.

Other ($600 a month)

Edgerton, OH | February 28, 2014

Used to be a Sprint Nextel tower. New drum antennas have recently been installed. Unsure of carrier.

American Tower ($1,720 a month)

Seattle, WA | February 28, 2014

East Kent Hill.

US Cellular ($758 a month)

Chelsea, ME | February 27, 2014

A news article in today's Kennebec Journal discussed a deal with US Cellular and the town of Chelsea.

T-Mobile ($1,415 a month)

Falling Waters, WV | February 27, 2014

This tower is not shown on the map. It is located on the Indusco Chimney at 1200 West Hamburg Street. What are the other current rentals in that area?

US Cellular ($758 a month)

Augusta, ME | February 25, 2014

Town of Chelsea ground lease.

Crown Castle ($1,000 a month)

Greensboro, NC | February 25, 2014

I would like to know what is the norm, and if there is anyway to get more. Several companies have contacted to purchase my lease. Any comments appreciated.

AT&T ($800 a month)

Shelbyville, TN | February 20, 2014

What are the other tower land leases going for in 2014 /

AT&T ($800 a month)

Portland, OR | February 20, 2014

Interested to know if another cell phone company (other than AT&T) would have interest in our site.

American Tower ($600 a month)

Ponchatoula, LA | February 19, 2014

Looking for a price comparison to see what is the 'normal' lease rate.

Crown Castle ($400 a month)

Hookstown, PA | February 18, 2014

Crown Castle has been very co-operative in maintaining the site.

American Tower ($440 a month)

Tiffin, OH | February 16, 2014

I just got a renewal letter and they are making an offer. I think my current offer is way too low. What should I be getting?

Sprint ($2,500 a month)

Nevada, MO | February 13, 2014

This is a Self Support. The elevations are in feet not meters. Or it would be the tallest SS in the world.

AT&T ($2,851 a month)

San Diego, CA | February 12, 2014

I'm not sure what kind of comment I'm being asked for, so I'll leave this instead.

Verizon ($400 a month)

Gentry, AR | February 03, 2014

This process has taken over one year and I have not been given updates.

AT&T ($750 a month)

Vancouver, WA | February 02, 2014

This tower is still in the works. I'd like to know what normal conditions and precautions I should take or what to expect.

T-Mobile ($600 a month)

Blanco, TX | February 02, 2014

The rent is payable each month on the first of the month and a two year lease is in place with eight months to go on the contract.

Other ($700 a month)

Saint George, UT | February 02, 2014

Virgin Mobile's signal is still okay. However, I can't wait until it gets better with Sprint's LTE.

Verizon ($600 a month)

Gainesville, GA | January 29, 2014

In very early stages of talking to Verizon about leasing a piece of property. The property is in a prime, second highest point in hall, I feel that the money they are offering, $600 a month. Is this way to cheap? Please advise us of the going rate.

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Pinnacle Towers Acquisition LLC

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Elk Knob Rd.
Hinton, WV

United States Cellular Corp.

Latitude / Longitude: 37.668333 / -80.865833
3 Miles Out Of Hinton Off Elk Knob Rd.
Hinton, WV

Sba Towers III LLC

Latitude / Longitude: 37.548417 / -80.967722
400 Albert Hill Rd. (Wv14129-a)
Hinton, WV

Cellco Partnership (Verizon)

Latitude / Longitude: 37.741694 / -80.841472
1798 Chestnut Mountain Rd.
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Cellco Partnership (Verizon)

Latitude / Longitude: 37.632667 / -80.792833
342 Hillview Rd.
Hinton, WV

Cellco Partnership (Verizon)

Latitude / Longitude: 37.659694 / -80.814444
423 Bun Hicks Rd.
Hinton, WV

Cellco Partnership (Verizon)

Latitude / Longitude: 37.657944 / -80.957917
526 Amick Farm Rd.
Hinton, WV

Cellco Partnership (Verizon)

Latitude / Longitude: 37.593694 / -80.922778
82 Mines Trail
Hinton, WV

Cellco Partnership (Verizon)

Latitude / Longitude: 37.641944 / -80.877694
20 Kirkham Ln.
Hinton, WV

US Army Corps Of Engineers

Latitude / Longitude: 37.714111 / -80.953500
NW Of Hinton Wv
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