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Los Angeles, CA Carrier Reviews & Coverage Maps

1. Verizon 2 star rating (2 stars | 169 Reviews)
2. T-Mobile 1.8 star rating (1.8 stars | 119 Reviews)
3. Sprint 1.7 star rating (1.7 stars | 165 Reviews)
4. AT&T 1.3 star rating (1.3 stars | 267 Reviews)

Total Coverage 1.6 star rating (1.6 stars | 787 Reviews)
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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | La Cienega | San Vicente, Los Angeles, CA 90048 |

in the heart of Los Angeles between West Holywood and Beverly Hills dropped calls is the norm with ATT the coverage is horrible and as you drive you will drop calls all the time. but ATT is in denial and they have terrible service

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles, CA 90068 |

Can someone please tell me why AT&T barely works underneath the Hollywood Sign? I am visiting and work from home and the service terrible. I maybe have 2 bars and the calls drop. I had to drive down to Beachwood Canyon just to get service. My uncle uses Sprint here which works just fine. I spent 2+ hrs on the phone with AT&T yesterday for her to tell me that there are towers there and it "should" work. I told her it obviously didn't or I wouldn't spend 2 hrs of my time calling them (from a land line, btw, the only way to get through). She also suggested I spend $200 to by an aircell.

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0 Out of 5 (0 stars) | East La, Los Angeles, CA 90022 |

Ca someone please explain to me why da hell Verizon doesn't work in my aunts house in east La? She lives by da king taco on 3rd street. All of 3rd street is a freakin Verizon deadzone believe it or not u don't even get a 3g evdo signal even when u are standing outside and there's a cellphone tower across the street in a tree u can even see it cuz its like right there lol I'm guessing its not a Verizon tower? Because my phone only gets a 1x signal and its very low I only get 0-1 bars outside! And its constantly searching and atleast 75% percent of my calls are dropped its frustating! I live in west hollywood but everytime I come to visit my aunt or come to eat at king taco its freaking frustating cuz I can't make calls and I can't use the internet at all cuz it wont connect when it shows a 1x signal. I know for a fact its not my phone because at my house in west hollywood I always have full 4g reception. Is also embarrasing that my aunt has metro PCS and it works fine in her house her crappy metro PCS phone that doesn't even have a camera gets 3-5 bars in her house and I have to borrow her phone to make calls lol its embarrasing. Most likely I'm not gunna go visit her anymore cuz she always makes fun of me.. cuz my Verizon phone doesn't work in her neighborhood and metro PCS does.. -_-

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4 Out of 5 (4 stars) | Centinela | Venice and Centinela, Los Angeles, CA 90066 |

Reception is pretty good but I rarely get the promised 3G coverage... . I have 4 to 5 bars mostly so its okay. But I do pay a lot for my phone bill because the internet on the phone is expensive.

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | Silver Lake, Los Angeles, CA 90039 |

Would change to Verizon, but it might be just as bad. Quit Verizon to get my iphone. Verizon didn't work at all at that time (two years ago)

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | Hyperion, Los Angeles, CA 90027 |

I have to say I'm seriously considering switching from AT&T to the Verizon iPhone, if and when the iPhone 5 is released in July. In fact, I'm so frustrated with my phone service with AT&T, I'm probably going to pay the reduced early termination fee for myself and my business partner. We both will have one year left on our contracts and are chomping at the bit to switch unless in the interim AT&T does something to improve its service in the areas we use predominantly. I am not optimistic though. Just so you know, I live in Los Feliz and get very good service at my house. But my place of employment is located in West Los Angeles and the service there stinks, to put it mildly. Also, I spend a lot of my time in an area adjacent to where I live called Silverlake and the service there is even worse. Those are the two areas I am rating in this survey.

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0 Out of 5 (0 stars) | Lincoln and Manchester, Los Angeles, CA 90045 |

No reception in this area whatsoever. I'm done with ATT. No reception in the building either. I'm hoping Sprint / Verizon might be a bit better. This is LA for goodness sake, put some more towers up!

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | 8th and Grand | 8th and Grand, Los Angeles, CA 90014 |

Practically no data coverage with Verizon in this area. I get two bars at most 90% of the time and no 3G coverage. My phone indicates 1G when trying to access data. Text messages and voice mail arrives late. Very disappointed with Verizon since I moved to downtown LA.

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0 Out of 5 (0 stars) | Hyperion Bridge | Atwater Village, Los Angeles, CA 90039 |

AT&T Is a complete joke! I left Sprint for ATT And that was the worst mistake of my life! I drop 99% of all calls and when I am connected, I cant even understand the other party due to static and reception breaking up. When I talk on my phone Im always told it sounds like Im talking into a wind tunnel while holding my phone backwards facing the wind. WHAT A JOKE! For the record, I also have AT&T DSL And I basically get the same issues! DSL is always dropping connection and my speeds are slower than dial up and I pay extra for the Pro- Elite Business plan that is suppose to guarantee speeds between 4-6Mbps but I average 2Mbps. AT&T Should be ashamed of themselves. I pay for mobil services and they do not give me the service... They guarantee me a speed for DSL, and I do not even come close to the speeds! I hope AT&T Gets this matter taken to court and pays dearly for false advertising and not meeting contracted terms of agreement. By not meeting all terms in the contract AT&T Should allow me to walk away with a clean bill and select another provider with no penalty! How does AT&T legally get away their actions and continue charging the customer for "breaking a contract" when AT&T never upheld to anything on their end?? This is BS! DO NOT USE AT&T For ANYTHING! THey are garbage and I would NEVER recommend AT&T TO anyone!

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | Mulholland Hwy. | Durand, Los Angeles, CA 90068 |

With my I-phone 3G I get abysmal reception in the area below the Hollywood sign. Sometimes the phone will ring, but the signal's rarely strong enough to make a connection and on the rare occasion that it connects, the conversation will be dropped within a minute. Instead of showing bars, my phone most often simply says "searching." Contrary to their reception map, there is no AT&T reception whatsoever in upper Beachwood Canyon with an I-phone and it's practically non-existent on the hilltops.

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