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Los Angeles, CA Carrier Reviews & Coverage Maps

1. Verizon 2 star rating (2 stars | 169 Reviews)
2. T-Mobile 1.8 star rating (1.8 stars | 119 Reviews)
3. Sprint 1.7 star rating (1.7 stars | 165 Reviews)
4. AT&T 1.3 star rating (1.3 stars | 267 Reviews)

Total Coverage 1.6 star rating (1.6 stars | 787 Reviews)
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0 Out of 5 (0 stars) | Laurel Canyon | Kirkwood, Los Angeles, CA 90040 |

at&t is the worst ZERO reception and I have the micro cell antenna and still nothing i'm so frustrated the iphone 4 is also crap have to reset it almost daily so tomorrow i'm going back to Sprint and buy a not so smart phone that works

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | Multiview | Mulholland, Los Angeles, CA 90068 |

I can't believe I've stayed with ATT this long considering the poor reception I get. I don't think Sprint works well so I'm on the hunt for something else. ATT also doesn't have very good phones.

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | Stradella | Roscomare, Los Angeles, CA 90077 |

Verizon coverage is poor, calls dropped, a "dead-zone" on the way up from Sunset Blvd., lots of static from incoming calls and people I call get garbled signal. Texting seems to work okay, but sending pictures takes forever, sometimes 'times-out'. Am told its the topography, there are no Verizon cell towers within a couple of miles.

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | Wilshire | Bundy, Los Angeles, CA 90049 |

The worst service possible. We would not get calls shown on our phones when people call us, and when we call out to other phones, they would have no idea that we tried to call them, no matter where we are. It's the worst when you're out there, trying to meet up with people, and they don't get your calls and you don't receive calls. By far the worst service we've ever experienced on all 3 of our phone lines. Despite numerous attempts of complaints over phone, in store, exchange phones, nothing improves after 6 months since we started service. Just got 2 months of credit back from the manager since they do not waive the cancellation charge, and I'm going to cancel the service today. DO NOT SWITCH TO AT / T.

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3 Out of 5 (3 stars) | Kodak Dr. | Marathon St., Los Angeles, CA 90026 |

I get pretty decent reception with Sprint / Virgin Mobile at my home. Sometimes a little bit of fading and an occasional dropped call. Had AT&T prior to switching to Sprint / Virgin Mobile. AT&T does not work in this part of the neighborhood despite what their maps say. I was never able to use my AT&T cell phone here. Terrible reception, constant fading, dropped calls, when someone would try to call, call would go directly to voicemail, when trying to make a call bars would drop to zero and call would not connect. AT&T is pretty much useless here. A couple of my neighbors have Verizon which appear to work in this neighborhood too.

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1 Out of 5 (1 star) | Avon Park Terrace | Park Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90026 |

When I first got my Nextel phone, the reception up here in the hills was substandard, but so was every other carrier's, if I remember correctly. And the Nextel phone had the strange ability to get reception in basements and concrete buildings while other phones dropped calls. So I was ok with the Elysian Heights reception problems. But then Sprint bought Nextel. And Nextel never got improved, maybe even got a little worse, while the other carriers (including regular Sprint) improved their service (except AT&T). So, goodbye Nextel, hello T-Mobile month-to-month. Maybe when Sprint gets the iPhone I'll try them out... .although I should know better!

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4 Out of 5 (4 stars) | Avon Park Terrace | Park Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90026 |

I switched from Nextel last week. So far, I have been delighted. Not a single dropped call from my end. I had to buy the smiley phone in order to get a month to month contract. I was determined not to get trapped in a year- long contract for yet another carrier whose reception zone required me to swivel my head and hold exactly so in order to complete a call. When I first got the Smiley phone, I thought - what a cheap piece of crap! Now that I've used it more, I feel a little differently: it's still the Hyundai of cell phones, and it's "OS" is sometimes very illogical, but the keyboard is actually quite usable, belying its diminuitive scale, and the call quality is decent, even when on speakerphone. Maybe I should buy a Hyundai next. I use an iPod Touch as an adjunct device. That works out great - I can look up dictionary app words or stored maps or email while talking on the phone, for instance. And I really don't want web access each and every minute of the day. Continuous web access becomes more of a bodily function than a treat.

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5 Out of 5 (5 stars) | Atlantic Blvd. | Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90022 |

this is great service, you get what you pay for. really good reception everywhere.. except the twilight zone. haha. Honestly great though!

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2 Out of 5 (2 stars) | Avon Park Terrace | Park Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90026 |

Everyone's phone has reception problems up here in Elysian Heights. I have good and bad reception days. Sometimes if I have my phone on my right side, I will get calls - but 2 feet to the left: forget about it. My main gripe with Nextel is their phone selection - which may be why I'll switch to Verizon soon.

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0 Out of 5 (0 stars) | Hollywood Blvd. | Franklin Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90068 |

I get 0 to 1 bars in my apartment. 0 in Beverly Hills and my phone won't even function in Venice Beach. My phone won't even work! I tried to drop a pin on the map and it said, "can not access cellular data network" WTF?? I paid a sh*t ton for an awesome phone with sh*tty service. AT&T can lick it.

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